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IMPI wins DGL MW3 Champs Cup

The DGL MW3 Champions Cup has come and gone and sees IMPI being crowned the champions after defeating Vitriolic Gaming in the Champs Cup Grand Final on Wednesday the 11 April 2012! These two teams have clashed a few times before and the games have always been quite close and I think it's safe to say that IMPI put in a lot of hard work and effort which really paid off at the end of the day! The scores of the final shows IMPI winning their games convincingly 13 – 8 on Resistance and 13 – 2 on Village! Vtl put up a good fight on Resistance which can be seen above but really had it handed to them on Village! Having played against IMPI quite a bit myself in Black Ops days, I know these guys really do like to drill strats, nade spots, timings ect which showed in the final. Very well played to IMPI for taking the Grand Final and to the runners up Vitriolic Gaming for placing 2nd! Also a big congrats goes to Bravado and XTC Gaming both who finished in the top 4 in the Champs Cup.

IMPI has a clan site up at for those of you interested :)

Short recap of the Semi-Finals:

Bravado vs Vitriolic

Bravado had a rough draw after beating Vitriolic Gaming in their semi-final game by having to forfeit the game having used a sub that was not registered on the DGL site. Bravado says that the sub zhomz had been playing for bvd for a while now and that they really hadn't realized that he was not registered under their DGL team. Bravado defeated Vtl 13 – 3 and 13 – 9 before having to forfeit.


XTC semi-final vs IMPI saw XTC taking the first map and then losing a player towards of the end of the second map due to a power failure (Thank you eskom :P) which IMPI won. This pushed the semi into a 3rd map showdown where XTC's substitute 'SDK' took over. The map was well played but eventually saw IMPI taking the win after a hard fought battle! Well done to IMPI!

In Closing:

Now that the DGL Champs Cup is over and the top 8 teams have been identified, we can all look forward to an exciting Leg 2 Premiere Division tournament. Hopefully at least a few of the games will be streamed for us all to enjoy!

Premiere Division as follows:



Monster Gaming



HPX Gaming



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