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Shase & Detrony WIN xTc's Quake Live 2v2 Tournament

Mon, 05 March 2012 Tournaments 1999 times

The Round Robin was completed with the top 2 teams undisputed and toping the leaderboard with 17 points each. Even in the Round Robin match between BVD and DC, they ended up at 1 map all. Everyone knew it would be these 2 teams in the grand final.

As predicted, the final was between DC (Ph4ntom & K0rpse) and Bvd (Shase & Detrony). The final was incredible! Both teams playing at the top of their games, DC took the first map, ZTN, 87 to 54. The second map, Campgrounds gave Bvd a win with 87 points to DC's 61. Map 3, Retribution went to Bvd too 76 to 56. The table turner fourth map - Almost Lost - went to DC 95 to 76. The 5th and final map was voted to be Campgrounds instead of Asylum - the game started off really tight, with every frag either tie-ing up the game or giving the lead. In the end, Bvd took the map and the checkered flag by 88 to 58.

We'd like to thank all the teams for participating in our second Quake Live competition. The field was small, the teams were, well, mostly present, but most important - the games that were played, were fantastic to watch!

The final standings, according to points in the round robin was:

  1. DC: 17 points
  2. BVD: 17 Points
  3. LOS: 13
  4. Crystal Scars: 12
  5. PBS: 10
  6. s1b: 9
  7. tSm: 6
  8. s8: 4
  9. cT: 1
  10. BDSM: 0

For all details and demo downloads, visit the tournament page.