The This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., xTc, was established back in 1999 by DaP!@Yer (now known as M4nimal) and is a South African based gaming clan predominantly focused on team-based games such as Counter-Strike and Quake Live.

Clan history - xTc was born

The story behind how xTc was formed and how the name came about goes a little something like this..

xTc was established in 1999 one early morning on the way to work. Darryn, Ryan (old school friends and work colleagues at the time) and myself were discussing a "cool" name that could be used for an online gaming team. After many jokes, Ryan came up with one of his usually cunning yet witty jokes.. "Hey! Why don't you call yourselves X-T-C:  Xperts at total chaos? We all burst out laughing but then quickly became silent as it dawned on us .. WOW THATS BRILLIANT! Since that very moment, the name stuck and xTc was born.

Clan name

XTC stands for Xperts at Total Chaos. To imply that XTC is an online gaming team, the name is written in the same way as an email address – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


xTc has been known to appear under the following gaming tags:

  • xTc
  • XTC
  • [xTc]
  • XTC - 
  • xTc |
  • XTC |
  • x7c

Quake 2


xTc first started out as a Quake 2 clan mainly comprised of close friends. However, as expected we recruited many active players in the community. The first and most dedicated was De Wet "C!G@M" Cloete. Cigam had a quality about him you couldn't resist and quickly recruited some of SA’s top players. With his help we went from amateurs, to average to the best in SA. With players like DaP!@Yer, C!G@M, Clipse, Flex, Toothpick and Seth we were able to compete against more established clans such as rD (Reservoir Dogs), NDC (No.Damn.Clan) and many more!

Quake 3

q3We tried. We failed. Blah :) xTc has been involved in the Quake Live scene since its release with much success.




csWe then establish a team in Counter-Strike 1.3. This is where we found our true strength. Team based games where communication, team work and coordination is key to achieving one goal - defeat the enemy team! We became an instant hit in the gaming community after recruiting some of SA's top players such as PowerSlave, Stryfe, Deathsbane, Brute, BloodYBladE and more.

xTc was the very first clan in South Africa to become number 1 in Counter-Strike by winning the WCG qualifier main event - Warfaire at the MTN Sun Dome (now the Coca Cola Dome). By winning this event,  xTc represented South Africa at the World Cyber Games in Korea at the 2001 event.

WCG 2001 Team xTc

BloodYBladE - Christiaan De Swart
Brute - Garth Stanley Jones
Deathsbane - Shaun Marx
Shape - Armand Van Schalkwyk
Stryfe - Kevin James Murphy

Results of team xTc at the WCG in Korea 2001

xTc disbanded

After WCG, I went to work in London and decided it would be best to leave the online gaming scene on that very high note. Management of the team was taken over by Brute who changed the tag to x7c. The team then renamed itself to Bravado (BvD). BvD is still running as one of SA's top and most established clans in SA today.

After xTc

In early 2002 xTc was finally defeated by the following players:

  • Gandalf
  • Surge
  • Hellhound
  • Style
  • Rage

The final 2002 team Rage was replaced by Deathsbane to form:

  • Gandalf
  • Surge
  • Hellhound
  • Style
  • Deathsbane

Post xTc info provided by Christopher "Apocalypse" Lautre

xTc stays alive

Even though I was no longer around, the clan pressed on. Many many many thanks goes out to SoulReaper and Slade for keeping the xTc flag flying high.

xTc is BACK officially since July 2010!

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